Sappho’s Legacy (2013)

Sappho’s Legacy was composed for Marseille – Cultural Capitol of Europe 2013 and premiered at the Opera of Marseille by Musicatreize, L’Itinériare, Proxima Centauri and twelve local choirs.


Year: 2013
Instruments: For three ensembles (L’Itinéraire, Musicatreize & Proxima Centauri) and twelve choirs
Publisher: Edition Peters


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Emerging from Currents and Waves (2018)

for Clarinet soloist, conductor soloist, orchestra, live electronics and live visual installation

Emerge (2017)

Clarinet, Orchestra and Gestrument

1:st Retrospective (2016)

orchestra and live electronics

Visual Exformation (2016)

string quartet, live electronics and interactive light sculpture

Öde (2015)


Sculpting the Air (2015)

ensemble and solo conductor

Ärr (2014)


Åkallan (2013)


Sappho’s Legacy (2013)

three ensembles and twelve choirs

Frames in Transit (2012)

Trio Trespassing (vl, perc & electr) and Orchestra

Diffusing Grains (2012)

Percussion quintet

Vicinities (2011)

Bassoon and Orchestra

Circe (2011)

Percussion and ensemble

In the midst of Trespassing No 2 (2010)

Violin, piano, percussion & electronics

Aftermath (2010)

Sax quartet & electronics

El pajaro con la quijada de burro (2009)

Violin, Viola and Electronics or 2 Alto Saxophones and Electronics

Lamento d’Arianna (2009)

Mixed choir

Kinship (2009)


In the midst of Trespassing (2009)

Violin, Percussion and Electronics

Pendants (2009)

Ensemble & electronics

In the midst of Trespassing (2009)

Violin, percussion & electronics

Surfaces Scintillantes (2008)


Arches (2008)

Recorder and Orchestra

Close Encounter (2008)

Laporte-bol and Electronics

Low Impact (2008)

Recorder, Percussion and Electronics

Gido (2007)

Violin (and dance)

Archvie:Lights (2007)


Undercurrents (2007)

Cello, ensemble & electronics

The Dangers of Trespassing (2006)


Residues (2006)

Orchestra and Laporte instruments (new version 2012 for only Symphony Orchestra)

Moirai (2006)

Percussion and Orchestra

Ingen får tro att allt är någons fel (2005)

Radiophonic piece

Arv (2005)


Invisible Mantra (2005)

Mixed choir

Cri du berger (2004)

Cello and Live Electronics

Frozen still (2003)


Vintage (2003)

Percussion and Live Electronics

Double Concerto (2003)

Violin, Cello and Orchestra

Dreams from the fire (2003)


Inevitability (2003)


the sound of inevitability (2002)

Cello, Bass Recorder & Electronics

inevitabilini (2002)


Arnaía (2002)

Mixed choir

Et cantabant quasi canticum novum (2001)

Mixed choir

the aisle (2001)

Clarinet & String Quartet

Sleep now in the fire (2001)

Alto sax and Orchestra

just a quiet peaceful dance (2001)

Wind ens. & two singers

calm like a bomb (2000)

Violin and Electronics

Klotho (2000)

Marimba, cello and percussion quartet

And after this our exile (1999)


Ash-Wednesday IV (1999)

Soprano & early instr.

Så länge man kan säga idag (1999)

Mixed choir & organ

Kodoku na Odori (1998)


Kull (1998)

Ensemble / Trio

Violinsonat (1998)

Violin and piano

Mörkret som ger glädjen djup (1997)

Mixed choir

Ma-xia (1997)


Scongiuro revocato (1997)


Gammeldansen (1997)

Violin or Cello

Tre färder (1997)

Oboe or Guitar

Concerto for Str. (1996)

String Quartet and String Orchestra

Lowland (1995)


Departing Water (1995)

Flute and piano

And Voices Are (1995)

Saxophone Quartet